Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good things are happening!

I have been emailing a few Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Models to ask for their blessings to use their photos in my works. So far I have received three responses and two out of the three have given me a definite yes! I will be sending completed morphs to them for approval before I post. (you will know soon who they are). The third has asked to see samples of my work before agreeing which is totally understandable but I REALLY hope she says yes also. (I am dying to do a morph of a couple of her pictures)

I have already submitted two morphs to two well-known Fitness/Bodybuilders so I am waiting for their replies now. I can't wait to get started and provide more content for everyone to enjoy.

Even though there are tons of images of these beautiful women floating around out there in cyberspace (both regular and a few morphs) I feel much better asking for their permission before morphing and posting. I would rather them be pleased with my works than be offended so, I will definitely be contacting a few others also to expand my offerings.

Also, I am considering taking requests as well once I get going so if you have a favorite that you want to send to the clinic please hit me up. Best way to contact me is by email

Once I start posting more, if you enjoy the content please follow my blog. There is a spot on the sidebar on the right for you to follow this blog or you can follow by email.

My Facebook fan page is up -  Morph Medic's Facebook Page

I have some exciting work that I have been creating regarding gymnasts also but I do not have approvals on those so for right now they will have to stay private.